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Roze Thomas
If you need/wanna contact me for anything, you can message me here, on Yahoo (slipperslanders), or AIM (sillyslanders).  If there's anything you want to say or need to know, don't be shy!

Backtagging: Feel free!
Threadhopping: :D Have at it.
Hugging/Kissing/TouchyTouch: No promises of how it will go down but sure ^_^
Fighting/Injuring/Killing: Fighting and injuring I'm cool with. But killing... she'd be dead :(
Abilities: As long as the ability is canon, I'm okay with it.

And I warning to people who don't want certain things mentioned around them:

Warning hereCollapse )

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 This here, this is a plotting post. A post where you plan to plot with people. I have one now so we can plan. 

^^ Okay, seriously, wanna do anything with Roze, hit me up here. If you want a place to visit, just a day with a friend, somebody to be mean to (she uh...attracts this somehow T_T), or just help of some sort, hit me up. Even if you don't have any real ideas, I'm sure we can think of something. 

And of course, I'm open for plotting on AIM too. I'm safe, I promise. 
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The Nice Club is back! This means we're looking for people who want to join and people who want to use it's services.  Kasumi did the IC contact post and this is the OOC post. Need something or have an idea you want to use? Please let us know. Any and everybody welcome.

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T_T Sorry this is so long guys and this still isn't everyone she wanted to get something. MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL OF MY DDDERS!

First of all, Roze would get everybody something they loved if she had the money but she's a poor single mother so she did her best. She does hope EVERYBODY has a Merry Christmas!

So many people, gifts under hereCollapse )

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Can I speak to someone from Winry's world?
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[It was exciting to be meeting Shuten without the usual virus tainting their interactions. She'd be getting to see his world and learn out more about his life. Just knowing it was all still new to him and he was still paving it...it was nice to be part of it.

But instead of the woods or temple walls she was expecting, she was in a living room...an advanced living room, compared to her times.

...Something was wrong?]

Hello? [Worried, she kept her voice soft as she headed toward the single source of light in the room. As she neared it, she was able to make out what she now knew was a computer...and a sleeping girl nearby.

She was about to call out to her too when she saw what was on the screen.]

Shuten's armor?

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Knock Out, if you can hear me, this is the real Roze. [She's not sure this will work, if her voice will come from his communication device or if it has to be open...there's still a lot of things she doesn't know about the community.] The person that you are with was created by a virus.

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[ooc: I'm going to go ahead and make this so that Tails can be freed up for his own plot and so as not to interfere to badly with the virus. This is assuming everyone has told her the year so if they haven't, feel free to just answer her in the last post :)

Also, the layout of the building is pretty open to everyone's imagination. The only think known about it was that it's high security and modern, so have fun with it!]

It was the first time she had been met most of them and despite the situation, she takes a moment to smile and greet them all, happy to see them in person.

Prussia and Cassian seem to contradict one another, the former seeming more happier and carefree than the latter. Faramir looked as she thought he would, his features noble but kind. Shanoa, the only girl besides herself, was even more beautiful and mysteriously elegant in person.

And finally, there was Tails, the boy kind enough to pick them all up and bring them here. 

Outside a high security facility somewhere near South Dakota, they all gathered.

"Is everyone ready?"

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When I had the virus, I asked you all for a lot of things. I'd like to apologize. 

I also hope it doesn't turn people away from the Nice Club. Everyone is still welcome and we really do want to help anyone who needs it. So, if you'd like to be a member or need anything else, please don't let this stop you.

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[When the camera first focuses in, Roze is wiping her eyes. Though they do seem a bit wet, she isn't sobbing and she seems more quiet than hysterical.

Then she sees the community is recording]

The armor won't come off. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, there are things that can't be fixed. [Her voice goes even lower.] Things you aren't able to take back.

It isn't fair.

[She walks to the camera to turn it off , stopping when she's close, her face hardening a bit more] It isn't fair!

[Then the picture is sailing across the room, landing with a hard thud against the wall. Only the side of her food can be seen as she rushes over, the camera click off, her words barely fitting in before it does]

I'm so sorry!

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